Sunday, July 25, 2010


The award

This post recently came to my attention (was a deficient blogger this July). I want to send a huge thanks out to Rowenna, fellow writer and wonderful cuz that she is, :) so be sure to check her out at Hyaline Prosaic.

So here's the rules:

1) Thank and link the person who gave you the award.

2) Share 7 things about yourself (brace yourself)

3) Pass along the award to 15 bloggers you’ve recently discovered and who you think are fantastic (in no particular order).

4) Contact the bloggers and let them know about the award.

Blogs: It took some doing and some stealing and was a project I was dreading, but looking up blogs was a very positive experience and reminded me why it’s important not to neglect the work of others and focus solely on my own. I may be an only child, but it’s not all about me.

1.  Zane's blog at Let's face it, this chick is always a good time.

2.  New blog I discovered on my search. Cute pics and look forward to hanging around here more.

3.  Had to do it. I love her background format. And the posts. Wish I had that tongue-in-cheek humor. Gotta make due with dirty old man humor instead. Sigh.

4.  Fav horror author forever. I'm a geek.

5. Found it when I was researching Gardasil. They tell it like it is.

6. What’s going on with books with a tie to Michigan.

7. He makes a lot of good points. Like REALLY good points.

8. it’s a web comic, not a blog, but with comics on the rise, who knows? This could be considered an alternative method of blogging. Warning: rated R. Very R.

9. Blog of writer Diana Gabaldon. Love her.

10. Blog of writer Tamora Pierce, author of Tortall Books, among others.

11. Blog of author and sheep farmer Catherine Friend.

12. We all need a little Zen.

13. Fellow farmer on the web.

14. Farm Bureau blog.

15. and go to podcasts. Not a traditional blog certainly, but definitely worth a look all the same.

About me:

1) Probably pretty obvious, but I have a book fetish. It scares J considerably, since libraries give him hives.

2) I do more funerals than weddings. Depressing? A little. But I can get the bereaved to laugh a little. There’s a special talent.

3) I hate green beans. They should not be a vegetable, but strictly grown for composting. Period.

4) Kicking back beside a bonfire with friends and beers is a favorite thing, but my drink is R&R and diet Mt Dew. (Sorry Rick. Still in with the diet.)

5) I hide it well, after all, I got a reputation to maintain (ha!) but I’m a horrible romantic. There, I said it. I can quote almost the entire script of “Shakespeare in Love” (not to mention The Princess Bride, but half the English department at CMU can do that too, so I’m not unique) and it still makes me cry at the end, as does “Miss Austen Regrets,” a extra film on the latest BBC version of Sense and Sensibility.

6) I’m a pea abuser. I put frozen peas and frozen chopped spinach in everything. J makes fun of me, but his pepper habit isn’t any better. Together, it’s a culinary explosion.

7) I believe my grandmother’s dog is a minion of Satan.

Whoo! So there's that. Pass on the love people. 


Rowenna said...

Thanks for the shout-out :) I love finding new blogs...some of these look like fun, thanks!

I won't tell that you cry at the end of Shakespeare in Love if you don't tell that I can't get through The Giving Tree without misting up. Or the Velveteen Rabbit. Stupid kids' books.