Saturday, July 24, 2010

Book Reviews: Zane

Woke up this morning to unbelievable heat, like laying in a pool of sweat summer storm shit. In honor of the heat wave apparently only hitting the upper stories of the Barclay household, I’ve got two hot books to review today by the proclaimed queen of erotica, Zane. A review of Afterburn, another Zane book, is up on Suite 101, so check that out too for more slow burning hotness.

First up is:

Addicted. Zane. Pocket Books. 1998. 326 pages. ISBN 0739421042.

Zoey and Jason hated each other the first time they met at age 5 when Zoey “kicked Jason’s ass.” Years later, as a successful business woman Zoey visits a psychiatrist, desperate to save her marriage from her awful addiction: sex. She deeply loves her husband, Jason, and their kids, but Jason’s failing to meet her needs in the bedroom or even talk to her about it has driven her to seek others to fill the void. In short, her need for sex has driven her to the edge. Her torrid story emerges in therapy, shocking, compelling, and dayam sexy. Her three lovers are unique, dangerous, and ruining her life. And as Zoey’s story unravels, along with the sanity of one of her lovers, so does her hold on her business, her mind, her sanity, and even her life.

And next up:

The Sex Chronicles: Shattering the Myth. Zane. Atria Books. 2000. 304 pages. $15 US. ISBN 074346270X.

Wild, Wilder, and Off Da Damn Hook are the subheadings that categorize the stories in this collection of short erotic stories. In true Zane style, she addresses the myth that women are more sexually inhibited than men… and blasts it the hell out of the water. “Women make more money, own more businesses, and are more independent than we used to be. Shouldn’t we be entitled to sexual freedom as well?” the author poses the question at the end of The Sex Chronicles. And this is definitely a book on sexual freedom.

In the “The Barbershop,” a women in feenin’ for a fine brotha who works in her local barbershop. She decides to take matters into her own hands one night when she goes in to the shop late, sits down on the chair, opens her coat, and demands he shave her… well it’s not her head, is it?

The heroine of “The Bachelorette Party” shows a flip side, that women can knock boots with a stranger the night before the wedding and be no less in love or committed to their partner than a man is. Sometimes sex is really just sex. And in this case, really, really hot sex.

“Alpha Phi Fuckem” and “Alpha Fi Fuckem – The Convention” are two stories that started the book of the same name. This is a highly secret sorority and the only rule? Those who join must love sex.

My personal fav was “Nymph.” This woman really just lays it all out there.

So there’s some weekend book reviews and stay tuned for the Sunday addition. We got some awards coming out!

Check out more Zane-iness (pardon the bad pun) at And don’t forget the erotica with an a part. I did and was lost in porn land for hours.