Friday, September 3, 2010

Magazines for Writers

Aside from sample copies and online ‘zines, I only read a very few magazines cover to cover on a monthly basis. Why? Simple. I’d rather read a book. I’ve never been drawn to articles, I’d rather read a good story. Of course, some magazines are chuck full of stuff we writers need to absorb. So rather than tackling a textbook, try out some of these

Writer’s Digest – Duh. Like everything about writing you could ever want to know.

Poets and Writers – just subscribed, ironically, when my old mentor suggested I check out their listings for magazine submissions. It deals with a higher brow type of literary, the kind one encounters at literary magazines and through MFA programs. Very new reader, but like what I’m reading so far.

Buzzard Picnic – While this is a new online ‘zine for me and not exactly a fav, it is the last one I read and thus made the list. Find it at

Oysters and Chocolate – my current fav online erotica journal. Vanilla, dirty martini, oysters, licorice whips… it won’t just whet your appetite but maybe just soothe that itch. (Am I mixing metaphors again… oops. ;)

Shape – Too much time at the keyboard makes us all get a little junk in the trunk. Stave it off with an addiction to fitness. I spend an hour on the elliptical most days of the week at a steady pace but the time isn’t wasted as I read books I’m reviewing at the same time. This mag is a great one to inspire healthy living.


Rowenna said...

Great recs! Will have to check some of these out. I, too, get my elliptical on--love how I can just zone out. I come up with some good ideas that way (and some terrible ones...but I blame not drinking enough water before a workout for those).

Hope the end of summer is treating you well--sounds busy!