I'm a Michigan farmer and writer with a passion for sustainable agriculture and books. Join me here to learn more about both and have a damn fun time doing it.

More about me (cuz it's all about me :) :
I live on the centennial family farm with my dad, Momma J, and grandmother, two heeler dogs, one Rottweiler, a cow herd, various sheep, horses, and chickens, and way too many books. I love to ride horses and read, spend time with my honey, do Chi running, and try to live with passion and gratitude. It's a work in progress.

About Us
Barclay Farms is a centennial family farm in Grand Ledge, Michigan. We consist of Lew, Axie, Jenny, and Verna Barclay, spanning three generations of farmers, specializing in grass-fed meat production.

About Our Herd
Our cattle herd consists of twelve head of momma cows and their offspring. There’s usually a couple steers floating around as they finish out next to the “big sister” heifers (young cows who haven’t had a calf yet) from the past year’s calf crop, who babysit the babies of the current year.

About Our Methods
We graze as many days out of the year as possible and feed hay when the weather turns cold. On alternate years, our cattle spend the winter on cornstalks, seeking for fodder on their own. Busy cattle are happy cattle. We rarely feed grain, as the goal is to raise as natural and healthy beef as possible. Grass-fed beef is higher in Omega-3s, Vitamin E, and Vitamin D. Please try our beef and see how much better “happy meat” is than a Happy Meal.