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Here's a collection of links to places that have helped or influenced me. Enjoy!

A huge resource on all aspects of ag in Michigan. Start a business, farmer’s market info, ag tourism (great idea for our economy, take that GM!), and a ton of other farmy resources can be found here.

Want some facts and figures to put together a business plan or explore part of your ag business? Try it here for state and nationwide numbers and trend data.

The self-proclaimed “fresh fruit and vegetable industry's leading source for news, information and analysis.”

Here’s a pdf resource that breaks down Michigan ag as of 2008. Not current, but good for some basic facts and figures.

Michigan 1900-1930 from the Michigan Historical Museum
A historical look at agriculture in Michigan.

Boring name, HUGE resource!

Whether beginner sodbuster or veteran of the cattle trenches, we can all use a bit of planning. Start here with the basics.

I love this site for the basic info available for producers on livestock management.

Haven’t gotten into this one much, but it looks like what it claims to be: a place for farmers to connect.

There’s a lot of good info and resources available through every state’s extension service. Don’t overlook their educational opportunities! I participated in Annie’s Project, offered through MSUE last year and it was a wonderful and eye-opening experience.

For the blogophile farmers out there, here’s another site to add to the RSS.

They help you develop your farm product, from inspiration to consumption and everything in between.

And no, not the Dennis Stein from San Diego. This guy is a wealth of information and personality. If it has to do with ag in Michigan, I’d venture to say Dennis knows.

Not sure I completely agree with his perspective, but it is a point of view. And we did just get done butchering our own beef at the ol’ homestead, a positive experience that was respectful and highly educational. If people still had to kill their own food, it’d cut down on a lot of bullshit. Of course, some people need butchered too, but that’s just my perspective.

Consumer Reports’ Take on Grass-Fed Beef

Old standby of a site for me, as dedicated readers will notice. I just love their articles.
I started to go through the resources to hand-pick the ones I liked, then realized I was just pasting the entire page!

ABCs of Pasture Grazing
Ben Barlett (I believe) was in league my mom when she was doing her grazing study at the Lake City Experiment Station. (links?)

“Since 1947 it has been devoted solely to the art and science of making a profit from grassland agriculture.”

Baxter Black
Cuz ag takes a sense of humor.

Food, Inc

American Grassfed Association

Grass-Fed Beef – All Things Grass-Fed

Farm Tales Blog
She writes, she farms, it's great.

Just released recently, here's the Michigan Department of Agriculture's newly compiled grower's guide. It's available in sections here:,1607,7-125-1570-244681--,00.html

Or the full 110-page guide is available here by pdf.