Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another Sunny Sunday

A beautiful Michigan summer day today, aside from the insane, kamikaze flies and gnats already eating the cows’ and horses’ ears raw. Dad and I went riding, repairing high tinsel fence, and taking survey of winter damages that need addressed in these few weeks before we go to grass. I’m not sure the cows will be able to wait. They’re already pushing fences and we have about five round bales left. Lean winters, my ass, the worst times are between the thaw and the month before going to grass.

I finally realized that the block I’ve been bitching about is related to school more than anything else. Two portfolios, one quiz, and one cumulative exam stand between me and ESCAPE! And because I’m so keyed up trying to get the shit knocked out, and really don’t want to deal with them at all, I think it’s blocking everything else. Made a lot of progress tonight though and will probably get the rest done tomorrow (yes, I am one of those annoying students asking to hand their finals in early, at least in this class for this semester). But knowing that sure makes me feel better, that I will work through this mini-crisis.

I’m looking very forward to getting through the next couple days so I can get on to more important things, namely servicing the lawn mower and fixing fence, as well as barn repairs and cleaning that desperately need attending to. This damn college thing is really getting in the way of my farming habit. You farm kids know what I’m sayin’.