Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sorry for the hiatus

Killing time until I have to leave for my poetry final. I have the portfolio done, finished yesterday and this morning, and just have to read my work to the class. Nothing too stressful. Figured I better get an entry in before I need to start studying for my anthropology final. I’ve had a handful of cumulative finals and of course one of them is my last semester.

On the farm over the last couple days, fighting with fence and cows that plotted a prison break, along with a barn door blown off and hitting myself in the mouth with the fencing tool, has kept me pretty busy. Yesterday, I FINALLY finished my poetry portfolio and celebrated by watching a movie with Joe. Didn’t get hardly anything else accomplished, besides laundry, dishes, made chicken broth, and exercised. It was an unproductive Monday, especially considering how I started it, full of ambition and drive. It’s funny how some days turn out like that. I mean, it wasn’t a bad day. I got to spend time with and talk to friends and, better yet, eat some awesome pizza.

I finished reading Bleak House a couple days ago. YEY! Good book, just a long one, especially at only 25 pages a day. But I got through it in two or three months, so I feel pretty good about it. I’ve been slaving though A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin. I like the book, its just not a quick read for me. The True History of the Kelly Gang, on the other hand, I read in two days and other people have said it’s a slow read. What’s good for the goose, I guess.

Poetry month is almost over, but I think I’m going to continue on with the project. Not just writing poems, but concentrating on one genre of writing over another for a particular month. Of course, that idea would probably work better if I could ever sit down and edit Taylor. I will as soon as I get these finals behind me, I think. Speaking of which, I better get my butt going. Wish me luck! Graduation here I come!!!