Monday, June 16, 2008

Leftovers anyone?

Holy shit, what a weekend! I dropped off the face of the world last week to get ready for my college graduation party on Saturday. (A great time was had by all, just FYI.) So much food! So much beer! And oh, the Snickers cake! (Thanks, Tom.) But we drank beer all day so Sunday was a bitch. And Dad decides to start cutting hay in the afternoon. Why not? Luckily, the headache had left by then, since I finally ate. Two hours into my turn on the mower conditioner, the cutter bar snaps. So it’s back up to the barn and down to the neighbor to see if he can weld it, again. Then, many phone calls later, we still don’t know what the hell is wrong. But, I was back out mowing this morning and nothing broke, so far. But I clogged like five times in an hour and got pissed trying to take down the corners, so Dad said to leave it for him. So I did. He can open up the next eighty acres too while he’s at it. Of course, it’s been looking like rain all day, so who knows? Maybe I won’t be raking tomorrow.

So basically this week is all about dealing with the wonderful leftover pig, re-bagging and freezing and all that noise. And there’s a ton of soda and (surprisingly) hard liquor left, so that needs to be dispatched. (What? You think I drink whiskey? :-) Gram said she’d take some leftovers to club on Wednesday so that’ll help. Just the three of us, it’s hard to eat that amount of leftovers. One thing about Barclays, we never run out of food.