Monday, June 23, 2008

Opinions are like assholes... everybody has one.

Going about five different directions today. Getting ready for a brief trip up north. Laundry, dishes, all that shit to leave the boys for a few days. Oh well, they’re baby boomers and resourceful carpenters, they ought to be fine without me. Zip’s coming with me so I need to find his collar, finish packing myself, and get some pages before I leave. Trying to simmer down long enough to write anything will be the key. I’ve been really frustrated with it all lately, since it feels like I can’t move on until the first book gets all the attention it deserves for the next major edit. Which is true in a lot of ways. Getting it all hammered out will clear the way for a lot of details in the next book, but there’s a lot I could be doing in the meantime. Just procrastinating I guess. And haying. And drinking. And moody. And exhausted. And it’s summer. I’m still trying to get out of the mindset that I get summers off. After all, I’m not a student anymore.

I’m digging iced green tea right now. Not that that has any relation to anything. Just a note.

Well, I don’t have that much else right now. Even the blogging has been stalled lately thanks to the book. I’ll post something else later if anything comes to mind.