Wednesday, July 9, 2008

No one is happy all his life long. (Euripides) or Aren't those ancient greeks depressing?

Five pages today, yey! I even got a really nice scene with Tay and her dad. Nerdy, excited girl that I am, I just had to share. This part of the book has gone so bad (over and over again) that getting anywhere makes me happier than getting the damn book done. (Well, maybe not that happy…)

Dad’s home today so we worked on the barn door some today, the one that got blown off in the storm last month. Dad repaired the door and got it off the ground. We got it leaning against the barn and jacked up on blocks, but getting the brackets together so the door can hang and slide has proven a (pardon me here) dirty rotten cock sucking mother fucker of a job. Yes, that bad. Hey, Dad was the one in the bucket of the tractor cussing it while I jacked. He’s got a right to say that with his fingers pinched between the barn door and the barn. (Taking bets on which one of the three gives first… Joke.)

So since I got my five pages with Taylor, I’m moving on to other projects. The practice screenplay, the short stories, the query letter for the book, and lots and lots of research. That never ends. And I keep needing little details for this last part of the book, by far the most metaphysical and the place I’m weakest in. I never realized how all this shit went together, but by god I’m learning now. See what five years of college gets you? An expensive lesson on how to look shit up.