Thursday, October 30, 2008

A mistress never is nor can be a friend. While you agree, you are lovers; and when it is over, anything but friends. (Lord Byron)

Maxine went to the vet for the first time today. Well, other than her visit with her birth family when she got to go with her eight brothers and sisters. This was the first time she went as a big dog, mano y mano with… yup, you guessed it, ol’ auntie Ax. Other than peeing on the floor and the table multiple times, the little monster butt did pretty good. And she got a yummy fember bone when she got home. (Sorry, inside joke.)

Got a lot of writing done today and have more slated in if Dad ever gets home. I think he was on tax collection tonight though, more the take from the rich kind of thing than the county quarterly thing. We’ve got money out on beef and no one is paying. Oohhh don’t make Dad get Gram to come and talk to you.

Zippy is still not quite right after his tummy bout this week. He has little patience for Maxine and has slept a lot. I think he’ll come around. It’s just a Zippy thing. Molly, Gram’s dog, has not been appreciating her stay with the grandkids. She’s the same size as Maxine so Max thinks she needs to maul the Molly-dog. But Molly-dog doesn’ like to be mauled. Molly-dog doesn’t like much of anything. So for the time Gram’s gone, Molly will cross her little legs and hold out for her once a day dash outside to piss as fast as she can, then dart back in and lay in the chair until the next day. There’s a reason I don’t like little dogs.

I did the blog last night and got sidetracked by a 27-pack of beer. No, I didn’t drink it all and yes, Dad shared.

Maxine went to check fence with me this morning. We fenced the alfalfa field at the north end of the property, about fourteen acres. The deer keep running through the fence, however, making our perfect plan, well, not so perfect. A little leg work is required to keep the cows in. So, Max and I checked fence and at one point the fence is a little low. And Max’s tail is a little high. So the squirt got a good shock this morning, especially with the dew and the fact that she turned back and got caught in a wire for a second or three longer than she would have liked. But she seems fine. It was the first time something really hurt that dog. She ky-yied bloody murder.

At least we know the fence is working.