Monday, December 15, 2008

A Christmas Shopping Skit

I can’t even believe how hard the wind is blowing today. Something like 40 miles an hour and at 20 degrees or less, the wind almost literally takes your breath. I don’t have to work in it, so I don’t mind. What bugs me is people going from their heated homes, to heated vehicles, to heated offices and back and bitching about the 3 minutes a day they’re out in the cold. I grew up working outside and know guys who work outdoors most the year, especially in this. So, to me, bitch if you’re out in it 12 hours a day, not 12 minutes.

Aside from that, I got 6,000 words last night while watching the French version of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover.” Figure that. It makes up for getting almost nothing Friday and Saturday. I did research those days, so that should count. And today Dad and I got our Christmas shopping on. It’s not all done, but we both hate it, so we do it in stages. Our shopping goes a bit like this:

Me: Suggests a few dozen stupid gift ideas.
Dad: No response.
We walk around the store, me pointing out more dumb ideas. We come up on something promising.
Me: What about this?
Dad: Sure.
I throw six in the cart.
The cycle continues for another gift item. 3-45 minutes pass.
Me: Okay, I’m hungry and have a headache lets go.
Dad: (at checkout) That all sure added up fast.

Or at least something like that. Dad is pretty helpful, but more in terms of the sure part. No agonizing over the perfect gift for that man. My gift ideas this holiday season? Scented candles and lots of wine with fun labels. Unisex, uni-fun. Now there’s just the elementary-age kids to buy for: hmm, Starbucks or Barnes and Nobel gift cards? Or maybe a bottle of vodka, some cigarettes, and a hooker. Bet no one else in their class gets that. :-) Later.