Monday, December 22, 2008

Cold weather writing

I’ve been horrible about blogging this past week. Went into overdrive to finish the book and just sort of lost track of everything else. But it’s mostly done, so I met my goal of having it under control by Christmas and ready to send out submissions by the new year, provided I get a new ink cartridge. I had an awfully productive week last week, thus why no blog. Awfully because the last stint on this book is kicking my ass. I got 7,000 words on Tuesday, unheard of for me. Wednesday I could barely pull 2,000 words, and Thursday I got 3,000. Crazy amount of work, especially after the pages of new scenes and a new character. 4,000 words on Friday and I got roughly done. Now just some major revisions of new scenes and ready for queries.

We’re heading out on Wednesday for a couple days with the family. Yey. Stressing over presents is bad enough. I’m an anomaly, a woman who dislikes shopping. Its fun when there are candles and incenses involved, or books (excited shiver), but shopping for other people I rarely see? Not so fun. And Dad and I are totally stumped on what to get each other. How sad is that? We live together and have no ideas what the other would like. It’s more because we’re both so low maintenance. We buy the clothes we want, or anything else we need, so necessities are out for gifts. That leaves frivolities, neither of which either of us are very big on. So we agreed over the weekend that we give each other enough all year long that nothing we could give each other at Christmas could encompass it. Fancy way of saying we’re out of ideas and don’t want to bother, mutually.

So other than beef sales this year being a nightmare, from slaughter to freezer and back out, nothing’s that new here. 50 mph winds yesterday and 20 below zero. I’m back to work and in a few days this whole Christmas hell will be over for another year.