Monday, December 1, 2008

Winter Driving and Factory Farmed Pandas

I loathe winter driving. For one thing, I’m a wimp about it. For two, I suck at it. Put wimp together with lack of skill and it’s a frickin’ mess.

I cleaned my room yesterday. Yeah, I know, alert the media. I’m the type of person who normally lives in quasi-organized chaos until it makes me crazy enough that I start organizing and, more importantly, throwing shit out. Haven’t used it? Pitch it. Zip really didn’t like going in that garbage bag. (Joke.) So the world feels all nice and streamlined today. For the moment. I’m sure when I go to write later, I’ll be tearing the place apart for that stack of notes that I know I just had.

We’re doing writing/reading group today. It feels weird not to go shopping and get a coffee, but there ya go. It is fun to set aside some time once in awhile to read someone else’s stuff and discuss a mutual reading assignment. And with there being no penalties for failing to do any of it, the whole system just rocks.

The snow has really piled up over the day. But the cows don’t seem to mind, all a bunch of big butts at the hay feeder. The calves look healthy so far too, no sniffles or sneezes or leaky butts. Well, I better try to get my pages for the day. All the running around this morning and writing/reading group this afternoon really cut into the day. Then Dad and I had this idea for factory farming pandas… don’t ask.