Friday, January 30, 2009

Random. Oh, so Random.

So I have this bad habit of starting a blog, not having enough to say and not getting back to it. As a result, by the end of the week, I have these random short paragraphs documenting the highlights of my week. So this week, in sort of a anti-climax after my Gardasil rant, I thought I’d post my week in notes. Enjoy.

A bit of a hard night last night. Joe and his friend worked up north all week and just came down for a job today before they head back north. So of course we have to go to the bar. It was a good time and like I told Joe, I’ve had a lot worse headaches in the morning after hanging out with him.

It’s a quiet day today. Our house is going on 150 years old and sometimes it feels its age, drowning out sound, as old houses do, kind of receding into itself and resenting sudden noises. It’s odd. Maybe I just read too much into it. It’s not a creepy old house, that’s my friend Jamie’s family house. Everyone swears its haunted.

I watch a lot of movies while I work, just to have something else to focus on. I like tv series for it especially, since it has the same characters and I don’t have to work that hard at figuring out what’s going on each and every time. I started the tv series "Weeds" today. So far it’s really funny.

I’m exhausted. Haven’t felt well for two days now and not all due to alcohol. On the plus side, it seems like when I’m low energy I get more writing done. I got 3000 words today. Finally.

3,200 words today. Yey. And a gyno visit. More on that later.

Playing catch up today. Hell, everyday. The week has just been weird. But, I got 3,200 words yesterday and one blog already today, so it’s all good.

Good thing I don’t get paid to blog. Who wants to read this junk? Anyway, got 2,000 words yesterday. Not a high point by far, but I finally feel better than I have all week and maybe can get the mojo happening this weekend. It’s supposed to get up in the forties, so Dad and I are crossing our fingers for a horseback ride. He’s also holding out on hauling a load of wood down to our house from the farm as three miles on an open station tractor, uphill both ways and into the wind both ways is far from his idea of fun. (Yes, my Dad went to the country school, uphill and muddy.) Happy Superbowl everyone!

P.S. Pan's Labyrinth, despite the Spanish subtitles, is an awesome film. Scary, but awesome.