Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wish I was better at clever titles

I can’t believe how fast February is going. Seems like it just started, despite the wintery conditions that so many are bitching about. I’m savoring it when I can, remembering that in June, out on an open station tractor, I’ll remember how nice it was to have to wear so many clothes.

Dad and I powered through the snow today to deliver Gram to my aunt in Toledo. We meet half-way when Gram goes visiting my aunt and cousins so no one has to drive the entire 5-6 hours twice. It was… exciting… driving today, with slick snowy-slush on the road. We only saw a couple cars in the ditch, but most slid around and a couple had accidents. It didn’t look like anything serious, but even so we were glad to be home. I still want to know where that damn maid gets to. She’s supposed to do the laundry, dishes, and, most importantly, the grocery shopping. Have to fire that girl when I see her. :-)

Speaking of Dad, he actually came up with the main blog topic for today: water. He watches a lot of PBS and the other night they showed a documentary called Liquid Assets that explored the infrastructure of water, sewage, and stormwater across the US. Interestingly enough, I’d been reading about water and sewage in Victorian London and shared the extremely unsanitary conditions with Dad, who after watching the film decided that we’re only about twenty years out of dumping our chamber pots in the river. Along with fun glowy carcinogenic chemicals. Dad also said that according to family legend, in 1901, my grandfather’s grandfather pulled his flat bottom boat out of the Grand River (which is less than a mile from the family homestead) and said the river was too polluted to eat the fish out of it, in his opinion. But then, we’re just dumb farmers. What do we know about taking care of the environment?