Monday, March 30, 2009

Wood pile stacked! (At least until Dad gets a wild hair or the ground dries out.)

Computer virus or STD or something nasty like that had me down last week but I’m up and running again. Uninstalling Anti-Virus Number 1? Real pain in the ass. I’m not a computer geek so all that shit gets me yelling and stewing. All good though. $30 in new spyware and it’s all good. Apparently, this new bug infects your computer and rots your programs and data. Yummy. Like carpenter ants.

One of the ewes had twin buck lambs last night. She’s one of the black ewes and Dad and I can’t tell them apart, but judging by her bag, it’s the same ewe that had the twin ewe lambs last year. The other ewe’s bag swelled to large the cows got jealous last year so we’re pretty sure it wasn’t her that lambed. No word yet on if we got more lambs today.

Maxine is doing very well, though the whole leash law thing kinda went to hell. Keeping an eight month old puppy on a leash so she won’t overdo it with the other dog? Not gonna happen. She gets herself so tangled that either she or I is gonna break something.

The edits for Debris, my book, oughta be done today. I keep saying that. But these edits feel good, so that’s all I can say, I guess.

Been learning how to draw. Been reading about pirates. Scoping some writing contests and magazines to submit work to. It’s all kinda ho-hum this week without cursing and damning all technology since stone tools all to hell over the anti-virus. Made some awesome pancakes the other day and got to ride horses on Saturday. It’s another nice day today, but the weathers supposed to change, so we’re enjoying it. Something about its Michigan, wait five minutes.