Friday, May 22, 2009


Here’s how techno-uninclined I am: I just figured out how to listen to Bob and Tom live on the computer. Yeah. I’m that slow. Granted I’m actually listening to WBFX 101.3 FM live, but Bob and Tom is on so there. I love comedy. I wish when I wrote I could go funny like that. Usually it’s more of a dark humor/horror. Not sure where that comes from. Anyone who knows me says I have a weird sense of humor, but not nearly as dark as when I write.


It’s been pretty warm the past few days with clear skies and 80 plus degrees. Today it’s a little overcast and breezy so that’s nice. We’re gonna plant the garden this weekend, as it’s finally rototilled. My thirty-odd tomato plants need to go in the ground before Dad gets absorbed by the tomato jungle he’s living in. His bedroom has the biggest window in the house and faces north, so that’s where we put the potted starts several weeks ago. I don’t think tomatoes are supposed to be to my waist yet. Oh well.

We’ve got 100 chicks coming next week. So we get to figure out this weekend how to organize the twenty we have and manage them separate from the 100 Barred Rock chicks. I’ll keep you updated. This has all the potential for disaster. Especially since the first round of chicks didn’t take that long to break out of the clothespin reinforced cage we kept them in. Who’d think chickens can’t be contained by a clothespin and a piece of string?