Friday, May 29, 2009

Farm luck

All right, so the serial story posts haven't worked like I'd like. One, I ran out of ideas, and two, my chickens might be constructing a plan for world domination. Really. Okay, not really, but the baby chicks sure went quiet when I told Maxine they were. Suspicious.

Worked a lot in the garden today getting the last 17 tomato plants in the ground (two confirmed fatalities thus far and three in critical condition) and putting up chicken wire to deter the rabbits and other little planbt nibblers. Also moved the cows to new pasture (and I use the term new loosely) and amused the dogs by letting them terrorize a poor salesman who stopped. He was obviously afraid of them, even though Zip stayed behind me and Maxine wagged her tail, but they read that he wasn't comfortable and began circling him, then veering in sideways just to mess with him. Since it bugs me when people ask if my mom and dad are home, I might have let the dogs bother him more than usual. Not admitting to anything.

Aside from that, an average Friday. I'm rather out of ideas and haven't written anything worth a shit. Fridays never seem to be very productive writing-wise. Maybe I'll come up with something. It's early.

My aunt and uncle are up for the weekend to celebrate Gram's birthday. It's always fun and we always make way too much food. Like where's the next round of people coming to eat kind of overload. The running joke is "Remember that time we almost ran out of food? I mean if it wasn't for that last extra pan of lasagna, extra loaf of bread, three pounds of potatoes, and two extra pies, we would have been turning people away hungry."

Well, we haven't lost any chicks and Dad has a real chance of getting his steel building done this weekend, barring any disasters. Though with this project, disasters have proved both plentiful and confounding. Homeowner weekend project my ass. It's taken something like five experienced contractors over 30 days all told. Can anyone say bunch of bullshit? Good thing the homeowner has a good sense of humor. Hope this good luck holds through the weekend.