Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Beltane

Happy first of May everyone! You might know it’s Beltane, but did you know it’s also the Day of the International Solidarity of Workers, National Love Day in the Czech Republic, Lei Day in the Hawaiian Islands, Unity Day in Kazakhstan, Maharashtra Day (Maharashtra Divas) in Maharastra, India, Constitution Day in the Marshall Islands, and Walpurgis Night in Northern Europe? The Roman Empire celebrated the all-female festival in honour of Bona Dea today as well as the fourth and last day of the Floralia in honour of Flora. In the United States, it’s Law Day or Loyalty Day. And as far as Saints’ observances, it’s the Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker and an observance of Saint James the Less, Saint Philip the Apostle, Saint Andeol, Saint Asaph, Saint Brieuc, Saint Sigismund of Burgundy, Saint Theodulf, and Saint Augustin Schoeffer. I have not the slightest clue who any of these people are, but this is what Wikipedia told me, so bitch at them if I’m wrong. It’s also Maharashtra Day and Gujarat Day in the Indian states of Maharashtra and Gujarat respectively to commemorate the formation of the two states. Just because I’m an English major and we cite our sources.

I drug Dad to see Tamora Pierce in Ann Arbor tonight. She was really great. If you ever a get a chance to hear her speak in person, it’s well worth it. She has a great personality and really cares about helping young (especially teen and under) writers and readers. After revisiting her books a few months ago, it amazed me how good her stories are and how the issues in them aren’t just for kids, but also adults and show the gray area in problems. They show how to work through various problems without being moral. Characters screw up, realize they were wrong, evolve and change. And that’s all one can ask for good storytelling for any age.

It’s been cold here and the weather forecasts aren’t calling for warm weather any time soon. We need heat on this grass. The cows are getting restless and it’s getting increasingly difficult to keep them busy. Expect our valiant heroine to face a jail-break in upcoming episodes.

Well, it’s Friday night and I’m n bed at 9 p.m. giving you people something interesting (I hope) to read. Boy do I need to get a life. Or a boyfriend who isn’t dating the Army on the side.


Kathy said...

I did know it was Lei Day in Hawaii- since I'm an English teacher, we sometimes have these factoids at hand:)