Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On enrepreneurship and animal watching

I reached my word count for today just now. Score. The project I've been working on has gone slower than I'm used to, so 500 words a shot make me ecstatic. We also got all the peppers and eggplants in the garden today and tomorrow looks good for planting the row crops and maybe some herbs. I've gotten behind on my plans for an herb garden and I'm not sure how. Something about 30 tomato plants and 40 pepper and eggplants. Oh well. It's still early in the growing season.

The chickens are loving their new "chick"itat. (As opposed to a "rabbit"ate or habitat.) The hundred are due tomorrow. It's a good thing there's no 24-hour chicken channel. I love watching the chicks just do their thing. I love watching any animal do their thing really. So I'd never get anything done if I could watch animals just live action on tv. Yeah, I'm a geek. Just with animals rather than technology.

The cows are digging the thorn-apples. They have a spa resort back there. Trees to scratch on, knee-high grass, mud holes to lay in. The fat girls are on a spa retreat this week. There's people who pay big money for that kind of treatment. My cows don't even realize how good they have it. Probably a good thing. They'd charge me for it somehow, I know they would. Entrepreneuring cows. Or just extortionists. As it is, they're content. And whatever makes them content, makes me that way too.