Monday, June 22, 2009

Twofer Day

Dad’s watching Moulin Rouge on tv today. It’s a total Alexandre Dumas Camille rip-off, but whatever. Who else would know that? Even the consumption thing comes straight from the Younger Dumas’ book. Not that I’m complaining, just narcing on Hollywood.

Humid as ten kinds of craziness today. I made jam by myself and replanted some cucs while Dad raked the very wet hay. At least there’s some wind. Maybe it’ll have a chance to dry.

Dad spent Father’s Day raking and baling. I started to pick up bales and stack them in the barn today, but had to stop before I ran the tractor out of diesel. We had a good Father’s Day though, for all of Dad’s hard work and my hangover. Gram came to supper, I made a painful five hundred words, read a great book, and Dad slept well with a full tummy. He’s painting today and has the diesel can, so we’ll get back to haying when he gets home.

Did over 2,000 words the other day. Haven’t had a rush like that it awhile. Went out and haven’t had a rush since. Well, today a little bit, but only a quick 500 words. It’s hot today. I write a little, do a little outside, curse and swear the humidity and heat, then come back and cool down. I don’t do well this far south. Strawberries sure taste good today though, which is saying something since heat makes food go down hard. Rum helps with that. Or at least it does according to my piratical sources. :-) One downside about writing about pirates, I always have rum on my mind.