Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy birthday, Grampa

Thought I’d do a short blog today since it’s hard to top the events of the weekend. I’m a little sore and had a difficult time sleeping last night between the thunderstorms and the horse-incurred whiplash. But I got pages made and editing underway on Chaos, the second book I’m working on in a series. I need to go check fence and cows this afternoon and try to get some training time with Maxine. Dad and I have decided that since she’s a year old, it’s high time she learn some manners. Speaking of birthdays, today’s my grandpa’s, if my math's right and its been known to be off. He would have been 87. Hard to believe it’s been ten years since he passed. So I’ll be having a beer for him tonight. Anyone who wants to join me wherever they are is welcome to.