Friday, March 5, 2010

Critters (that's critique, not creatures) and Critters (creatures, not crits)

If you write sci-fi/fantasy/horror and haven’t joined yet, where have you been? It is the place online where writers can connect and get quality reviews of their writing. And it’s free! The system is kind of a pay it forward set up. You register, review people’s work, keeping up a review per week or so to stay in good standing, then post your own work for critique. Simple! And it’s amazing how helping others also helps you. Not just in an altruistic sense (I’m an only child, I don’t do altruism), but in your own writing. Seeing the mistakes and stuff that doesn’t work over and over in other people’s work can make you a stronger writer when you recognize the same pitfalls in your own writing.

It’s another cloudless, beautiful day here in Michigan. The snow is melting, the birds are singing… actually they’re crows, but I’m not picky. We actually saw a pair of Bald Eagles souring over our barn the other day. I’d never seen a pair before and Dad hadn’t ever seen any this far south.

At first I said to Dad that it was a hawk flying over. He came out and looked and said the wingspan was too wide for a hawk at that distance, and it’s too early for vultures… Just then, one dipped, we saw it wasn’t a hawk at all, but the white head of a Bald Eagle. SO AWESOME!!! One wheeled above us, very high, riding along the neighbor’s fence line. Then I saw the other one, almost out of Dad’s vision, which is amazing since his is better than mine. The second one was higher, just a speck, but similar in size, at least from our vantage on the ground.

So a pair of Bald Eagles, scoping out the place. If that’s not good luck, I don’t know what is. Must’ve been what made the tuna casserole so good. :) Either that or dancing in the kitchen, I’m not sure. (Aside: What happened to me? I used to be kinda cool. Now I’m all gushy-cooking/dancing with a guy I actually like? What the hell is this? I know, I know. Enjoy it Ax. And hopefully lots of other people have something similar to enjoy as well. I recommend cows. Highly.)

Was going through some old pics and found these of the Old Man.

 And of chickens...

And of the fucked up looking ram.

Yeah, the steers weren't sure about him either. He kept trying to hump them.


Rowenna said...

Oh, that poor ram seems like he was pretty confused...and his haircut doesn't do him any favors!

We once saw a bald eagle coming home from work in our carpool--it was eating roadkill. We thought it was a vulture from a distance, then realized it was an eagle and my coworker started singing Proud to be an American, which was hilariously inappropriate/perhaps too apt given the fact that it was chowing on roadkill.

Ax said...

I might get in trouble for saying this in certain circles, but eagle eating roadkill and Proud to be an American kind of...well... mesh.

And the ram's haircut? We never sheered him. It's all natural. Makes it a little worse, doesn't it?

Rowenna said...

Poor guy, he has ram-pattern baldness. Or was that way too far off to be a decent pun?

Ax said...

Hahahahahahaha no, that's awesome! :) He was a hair sheep so he shed out every spring. It kinda looked like ram pattern baldness... or leprosy. Unfortunately, the ol' guy is no longer with us, having passed last year. At least I think it was last year. I need to take new pics in a bad way. More good intentions... they better serve warm Bud Light in hell.