Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good Crochet Projects Gone Bad

I learned to crochet this winter. (Okay, enough with the Granny jokes.) Knitting gets a little slow for me at times, so crochet was a great distraction for my yarn-related ADD. I do great at little squares, practice squares. They’re not all the same dimensions, but I’m learning in fits and starts, and screw you I’m having fun. So since I have an (ah-hem) affection for stuffed animals (my room is nothing but stuffed animals and books most days), I thought I’d try to crochet a stuffed animal of my very own. It looked simple enough… and the horse I picked was so cute. So, here’s the picture of the finished project by whoever posted the pattern…

Cute, huh?

Here’s my final outcome.

Let’s look again.


Hmm. Not quite right. I’m not even sure it’s a horse. A fucked up offspring of an elephant and a giraffe, maybe? Or am I being too kind? Sigh. Oh well, back to granny squares.


Rowenna said...

OK, I couldn't help laughing. Been there, completely, with craft projects gone awry. Ok, still's kind of like the equine version of that thing off the Goonies :

Ax said...

Hell I had to laugh. Though I was kind of sad... I wanted a pony and I got the goonies! lol!