Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Weekend Prompt

Nightsong, a prayer meant to be said at midnight. It’s related to a blessing, a canticle, charm, evensong, liturgic, morningsong, or just a general prayer, at least according to PoetryBase/PoetryGnosis. Mostly morningsongs, evensongs, and nightsongs are religious forms, and yours can be too. It’s usually formal, but for this exercise, that’s not mandatory. It’s usually Christian, but even that’s not mandatory. I’m not Christian strictly or even really loosely speaking, but the bare bones of the religion has some validity and I’ll utilize anything if it makes sense. So a nightsong, as far as I can tell, if a form of prayer used to focus your thoughts, a meditation of sorts. Ask yourself where your life is headed, what does your life mean to you, what are you doing with it, what are you sorry for, happy about, grateful for, etc. What are the positive factors in your life and what are the negative and how can you manage them?

This exercise doesn’t have to be as serious as all that. Let’s have some fun with it. I appreciate cows. They make me smile, they make me happy, and they give my life purpose. They also provide me with a steady paycheck. So if I could write a nightsong poem praising the cow gods for their generosity. (Horses and sheep have gods too, I just don’t hang with them as often :p) But find your own topic, religious or otherwise. If you’re a pagan, make it a song to nature or whatever god or goddess presides over that time of day. If you’re of another religion, tailor it to your god or gods. If your agnostic or atheist, use it to give homage to whatever you feel is worthy of praise.

No matter what your religion, we all appreciate something in life. Praise it, as you would getting up, going to bed, and at midnight. After all, what goes around comes around and the energy you put out into the world rebounds on you. Why not put out something positive? It might be amazing what you get back.