Sunday, April 11, 2010

Five Easy Forms

I’m fairly sick of complex forms by now, so here’s some easier prompts from

1) The ABC poem. It’s composed of five lines. The first four lines create something, an emotion or feeling, a picture or smell, some kind of sensory appeal, or mood. Use words, phrases, and clauses, with the first word of each line in alphabetical order. The last line can begin with any letter. So actually it’s an ABCD poem. (Joke.) Tt looks like this:

Ax got home from work one night and
Began screaming. Dirty dishes everywhere,
Crusted food and broken glass.
Dirty dishes make her nuts…
Be glad she left the cattle hobbles and kick bar at work!

2) The Burlesque poem. This form can be a poem, but also can be treated as a story, play, or essay. The important part is that it takes a serious subject and treats it ridiculously or is set up as a serious thing and ends up as simply a trivial story. Try for examples.

3) The Name poem. Take someone’s name and write it in a column.
Then use the letter to prompt the first word of each line. (Bonus points for someone who can find a good word beginning with X.)

4) The Carpe diem poem. Obviously, Latin phrase meaning "seize the day." This poem, much like the nightsong, evensong, or morning song, laud living, especially living for the day.

5) There is no fifth poem. I’m lazy.