Saturday, June 19, 2010

By a Nose...

I get stuck on blog topics quite often. Sometimes I get a topic in mind, start writing it, realize it’s not what I want to be writing about, and wander back to my WIP. Sometimes there’s a vague tickle in my head about a topic, but when I start writing it, it doesn’t come out nearly as interesting as it sounded going in. With a blog centered around farming and writing, you’d think I’d have plenty of fodder. I usually do, however, sometimes that fodder is rather hard won. Like the hay this year.

So this time, after listening to a webinar with Peter Shankman, and of HARO,, I decided that rather than whine about nothing to write about, (taking my own writing advice as well,) I’d keep it positive. The news is so depressing and negative lately that we can all do with a little positive in our lives. And since one of my special superwriter skills is keeping the mood upbeat and making people laugh, when I’m having a bad day, I should try to make someone else’s a little cheerier. A little overzealous cheerleader, I know, but what did being happy ever hurt anyone?

So today’s happy moment is brought to you by slugs. Did you know slugs have four noses? Crazy. I wonder if they smell sweet, sour, bitter, and salty with each individual nose, the way the human tongue tastes different tastes with different parts of the tongue. Even if they don’t, I wonder if the female slugs sit around talking about the size the noses, you know, and the male slugs whistle at the “noses” on her.

And if you fit a slug having four noses into a piece of writing today, you get a cookie. :-p