Thursday, July 22, 2010

Masters what?

I got off track a little when J and I went on vacation over fourth of July, after spending a mad week before trying to get the hay in then working doubles and looking at grad schools when we got back. Yes, I’m looking at grad schools again, this time less in the arts and more in the practical. A duel masters in Communication and Digital Media and an MBA at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) in Saginaw looks the most promising right now, but I would have worked the boulevard if I’d known I was going to go back to school. I’ll be a busy girl with cows calving any day now, classes several nights a week, and the gods know how many part-time jobs to pay for it all. One step at a time. It feels like the right decision though, and I’ve been waiting long enough for that feeling to come around.


Rowenna said...

I hear you--I've been itching to go back to school, too. I'm thisclose to registering for fall and knocking some credits out of the way in anticipation of applying for fall 2011 admission to a master's program. Plus my job pays for a course and a half a semester, so...I have no excuse, do I?

Ax said...

Nope no excuse. :) Ah it takes time and money and lots of energy, if I recall those long-gone school days. But sticking your head under a cow for a year dims the horrors of academia past, that's for sure.