Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday (yes, I'm conceited. Complain to my mother.)

Beginning Farmer Program

Got lots of cool stuff today. Not only is it my birthday, but the National Institute of Food and Agriculture has a beginning farmer program. It’s a lot of bureaucracy, but still of interest. Find it at

Audio Books and Graphic Novels

I must confess, geek that I am, I’ve only recently read my first graphic novels. And from the first, I was hooked. They’ll never replace books for me certainly, but the ones I’ve enjoyed thus far definitely complement the books they’re based on. Diana Gabaldon’s The Exile is amazing, and my Buffy the Vampire Slayer craving got sated with The Long Way Home. Still looking forward to Angel: After the Fall to see what happens after Los Angeles gets sucked into hell. I’ve been a Patricia Briggs fan for some time and the graphic novel of Mercy Thompson, Homecoming, really stretched my fantasy imagination. I even went to far as to take serious notice of a college that offers an MFA in graphic novels, though I’m not up to taking the plunge into that just yet.

On another note of alternative literature, I drive. A lot. And radio certainly leaves something to be desired some days. So I’ve recently become a convert of audio books. Just to zen out and listen to someone read, doing the work for me, is really turning into a treat.

Related to this messy discussion of art forms and ways to enjoy books, there’s an ongoing debate about the hard copy book versus the digital book. To me, really, there is no debate. If it gets people to read, digital, graphic, hardback, or pogo stick, it’s legitimate. Some ways of delivery work better for some than others. I love my hard copy books, but reading while driving simply isn’t an option. With audio books I can have my drive and my books too. For someone who has limited space or limited need to hold a book in their hands, a digital reader is a great option. Granted, technology could crash, so there will always be us purists who clamor for print. But either way, if technology can help people read more and stretch their minds, I’m all for it.

Okay, end of ramble and happy birthday to me :p


Jodi Henry said...

Happy Birthday. You know, I read all of your posts, even though I don't comment on most.

beef isn't my thing. Yeah, I only eat grass fed and get it right from the farmer in Yakima but whatever. It tastes different. It's better for me. It's better for the cows and the enviornment.

This was a great post. I am a patricia briggs, buffy, and angel fangirl but haven't ventured into the graphic novel thing. Although I did scan Homecoming and found I didn't like the artists renditions of the characters I loved. So I don't think I will read that one at least.

I did a post about SEX yesterday on the blog. Have a looksee. I plan on doing another one after some nano writing today.

How is your Nano project going?