Saturday, November 20, 2010

NaNo Update: NaNo Dropout

So life happens and suddenly one finds oneself 3K behind for words. Okay, you think, I can do this, no big deal. Then it slowly piles up, 5K 7K… then you begin to sweat and panic. “I’ll type up old notes,” you say, and “a video on the blog is surely word fifty words, right? If it’s for school?” At last, over 10,000 words behind, you realize you will not catch up today. You will not catch up any day, because, you are forced to admit, the NaNo bug has won and you have a pile of crap for a manuscript. Luckily, you have something, and perhaps the novel you chose to hassle is one you’ve already got 50,000 words on. So perhaps being a NaNo drop out for the second year on a row is no big deal. Perhaps your self-esteem isn’t the size of pea and you don’t feel like the whole internet community is laughing at your pathetic word count…

Maybe it’s time we came up with a new award: a duct taped sign that has obviously seen its better days, with a little person with casts on his or her foot and arm, that arm in a sling, his or her face covered in pumps and bruises, a bandage around one eye, the sign reading “I survived NaNoWriMo… Barely.”
Proud to be a NaNo Failure!


Jodi Henry said...

I am sad to see to you dropped out.

I see you had posted an announcment for Nightshade.

I loved this book! I reviewed it a week ago. No spoilers in it just motivation for others to read. It's great!!