Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NaNoWriMo: Five reasons why you should participate

NaNoWriMo: Five reasons why you should participate : from the Christian Science Monitor.

Don't just listen to me: here's what a top news authority says on the subject. And while we're at it:


Jodi Henry said...


I don't really participate with Critter's anymore. I belong to OWW (Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror online writing workshop.) and I recently started a google group with four blogger buddies for closed critiques of each other MS.

So i won't be posting the NaNo book to Critters.

I you want to read, we can do another RFDR, but no points kinda thing. Maybe trade MS's (NaNo or not) and give feedback that way.

How is your NaNo project coming?

Oh, and i loved the little glimpse of it (or hope it was) with the 'looking through the hole' post you did. The brothel sounded fun!!!


Ax said...

Yeah critters is pretty much a toss up for good manuscripts or bad. I barely have time to share with others between two part-time jobs and grad school and the farm.

My NaNo project is coming ok. It's in bits and pieces that probably only make sense to me at this point. There is a brothel at the center of things and wow the reading for that has been crazy! There was some wild stuff going on in the eighteenth century.

But yeah, an RFDR trade would be cool, though mine will probably be in shambles until I actually know what the plot is! LOL

Happy NaNo