Monday, December 6, 2010

The Wicked Wyckerly II

I blogged a while ago about a book called The Wicked Wyckerly, a book that I didn’t review, but it looked pretty good from the review someone else wrote. So I ordered it through and burned through in on the elliptical in a few days. Let me just say while it was far from the worst romance I’ve ever read, it certainly didn’t set my head spinning.

Now, I’ll admit I’m biased about romance novels, read too many as a teenager I expect, so perhaps I’m not the most impartial judge here. If you like romance, awesome. This book is probably something you’ll really enjoy. It is funny, in a syrupy, rated G kind of a way. And it is sexy, in a virgin-gets-an-orgasm-in-a-minute kind of a way. It’s well-written and has a solid, somewhat implausibly modern storyline, and while it’s a good escape from the family holiday-type read, it’s a little too romantic for my tastes. But, if you like romance, check it out. It’s available on my trade list on and, as usual, from Amazon. Check out the author’s page at