Sunday, April 14, 2013

Words from the Root Cellar: 100 Reflections on the Farming and Literate Life

Inspired by:
Pursing the Good Life: 100 Reflections on Positive Psychology by Christopher Peterson

Welcome Back
I’ve taken some time off blogging, obviously. In the last year and some change, some real changes have happened, but I won’t go into that. Plowing in and starting again is the more important thing. So here’s to starting over.
The Rules of Writing
The first rule in writing is almost too classic to state, but here it is: write what you know. Here is what I know.

  1.  Farming isn’t the world’s oldest profession, that purportedly being prostitution, but it’s right up there.
  2. Cows weren’t the first domesticated species, but they sure are tasty.
  3. Dogs who crap on my floor learn to live on the front porch.
  4. Humor is my top strength.
  5. As of today, I have a six month old son and am living with a wonderful man and human being who (most of the time) is everything and more beyond my wildest dreams.
  6. Happiness can be taught. Happiness can be learned.
  7. We have dreams of combining grass farming and positive psychology to help ourselves as much as others.
  8. Cattle and other animals have rich emotional lives (broadly speaking) and while I don’t believe animals have rights, I believe we as their caregivers have a responsibility to give them the best life possible and if we abuse them, it should be perfectly legal to subject the abusers to the same conditions they provide the animals with.
  9. My grandma at 90 is the best go-to person I know for guidelines on living.
  10. Game of Thrones is the hands-down best series ever.
  11. EdibleEducation 103, offered through, is the shit.
  12. We currently don’t actually have a root cellar.

The Goal
Okay, so that works as well as anything as a manifesto. I expect that list to keep growing, with both relevant and non-relevant items, but for today, that’s what I know. And that’s what I intend to blog about, weekly. I’ve tried blogging before, but it was a pretty juvenile attempt and while this may not wind up being much better, it’s worth giving a shot. My thoughts are that with all the online content out there, and with the fullness of my life, a job, a baby, a farm, a book reviewing gig and a column, I’m going to offer up quality over quantity. Posting once a week is my goal, it might be less, and it might be more. The enthusiasm for this project might fizzle and die. I hope it doesn’t and I hope to use this as a place to keep me honest, keep me writing, and a place where you, the reader, can come for some chuckles, a little bit of information, and, if I’m lucky, leave with a vague intent to save the world. Because I guess that is another thing I know.
         13. I believe that farming, not politics or public policy, can save the world.

Until next time, eat well, but not too much, mostly plants, and remember to kiss your farmer today. (That last may or may not be directed close to home.)

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