Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ingredient: Beef

 Grass-finished Beef is Taking Off

Since we grilled out on Sunday, the taste of fresh steak of the grill just makes my mouth water while reading this.

Where corn is king, a new regard for grass fed beef
 In the four years since he settled here, Prescott Frost has found himself set apart more than most. In a state where corn is king, he is on a quest to breed a better cow for the grass-fed beef industry — one that can thrive without chemical pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and, the clincher, grain — and to market his own brand of artisanal meat.

If you are what you eat, we need to pay attention
 Healthy soils, healthier food, healthier environment, healthier people.
‘Happy cows:’ do they produce healthier meat? The question in essence is, are pasture-raised cows indeed “happier” than their counterparts, and does this make a difference in the quality of meat? One can’t read a cow’s mind, of course, but common sense would tell us that an animal’s quality of life when roaming freely is superior to one which is confined and it is happiest in its native environment. It seems to be true that pasture-fed cows lead low-stress lives and thus there is less of a need to treat them with antibiotics and other drugs for disease control.

The girls. Whole herd shot.
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