Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Incredible, Edible Egg

The STC made the most ridiculously delicious omelets on Sunday. Why we never added caramelized onions to omelets before is anyone's guess. Why I wasn't smart enough to take a picture is another. Why he's away overnight for work and thus unavailable for consultation as to his orgasmicly awesome omelet recipe is the fault of the Army. But let's not point fingers, let's just work with what we have.

First off, we spent probably 45 minutes caramelizing garden onions. The fridge needed a thorough going through and so most of that time was spent with the onions at a low simmer and us with knives flashing and vegetables flying and a lot of "eww, what do you suppose that was?" to one another.

Next, the STC sauteed green and red bell peppers and some raw white onion in with the caramelized. I can't speak as to his omelet technique, but I think a lot of it owes to our new pans, the Green-Life cookwear I've mentioned before. (Must add that I am not getting ANYTHING from the company for plugging their product, I merely think these pots and pans are the singularly most awesome thing I've ever had in any kitchen. Ever.)

So STC did the omelety thing to the egg (five farm eggs, no milk, no salt and pepper, no water, just wholesome farmy goodness), added the veg and some diced ham and cheese and the holy-I-think-I-just-jizzed-in-my-own-mouth-holy-awesomeness-batman-omelet was born.

We call it WTF good for short.

Was it the egg, the onions, the phase of the moon? I have no idea. But I intend to force the beloved father of my children to repeat this recipe over and over until I unlock it's secrets. Or until we're sick of omelets, whichever occurs first. Until next time, keep it sunny side up. :)