Friday, April 11, 2008

Don't like the weather? Wait five minutes...

I must say that the weather in Michigan never fails to astound me. An hour or so ago, the sun was shining like a beautiful summer day, then the wind picked up, it hauled ass off and rained like crazy for a few minutes, tossed down hail (yes, hail!), and all the while the sun shone! Now its back to looking as if the day never heard of a thunderstorm. Craziness. Even crazier, I still love living here. But I love my blue heeler too, and they say only crazy women love heelers, so there you go.

Had to move operations to the kitchen to keep from throwing things in my office/ bedroom/ workout room. Just got that claustrophobic. I'm working on my apprenticeship project for my poetry class today. Trying to. It’s making me nuts. I even had to print out the assignment and cut all the poems apart to get them in the order I needed them. Needed a major visual. But I think I got it (mostly) together, so yay! me.

Other than watching the clouds blow around and keep an eye on the old dog, who got wet and cold when I forgot to bring him in when it started raining (whoops!), just a day for research on the novel and organizing things again. Hope someone else had a more exciting and productive day. :-)