Sunday, April 13, 2008

Change of Tunes

I’m working on my apprenticeship project again today and am no further along than when I started. Frustration levels have risen to the point that I’ve moved from hip-hop and rap, to Breaking Benjamin, Buckcherry, and Hinder. Since music reflects my mood, that means I have moved from relaxed but sexually frustrated into just flat pissy.

It’s easy to read authors and take from their work on a…I guess it’s a spiritual level, but it’s a helluva lot more difficult to write a 7-10 minute presentation on it. And it is unfailingly ironic that the authors and poets we admire most are the ones who don’t conform to an ideal and those are the ones we are encouraged to imitate. I can see the sense in it to a point, but at some point isn’t it more necessary to write what is in your heart? I know, I know, gotta crawl before you walk and gotta read and comprehend the greats before you can become one. Just sometimes I’d really rather write what I want and not what is assigned. Chalk it all up to senioritis, old girl, and suck it up. Only six more class days until graduation after all, and that includes finals. I can suck it up for that long.

Have a happy and relaxing Sunday everyone, because the theme of mine is turning into something along the lines of “Crazy Bitch” and “the sex is so much better when you’re mad at me.” (Buckcherry; Hinder’s “Get Stoned.")