Monday, April 14, 2008

Dreaming on one hand while limping on one foot

The dog and I just got back from a run. Well, Zippy ran and I walked. I’m built more like a Russian beet farmer’s wife (long story) than a runner. Tried jogging a little today and got crippling stings down my left leg. Decided two things: 1) I’m too young for this, and 2) maybe I should walk back to the house.

Still fighting with the apprenticeship assignment today. Almost got it licked though, thankfully, since its due tomorrow. Still owe myself pages today, but figured I can cut down some since I wrote a page and a half for this poetry presentation. Also owe myself two poems.
Owing myself pages has actually turned out to be a very effective technique. I mean, right now, who in the hell besides me cares about what, or even if, I write at all? If I was smart I’d just go get a job with the state and never look back. But I’m always saying how I’m not that smart and this writing / farming habit proves it, I think.

Oh, and check out Pretty cool music. I’m kinda stealing from Laurell K. Hamilton’s blog today (see, but I figure it never hurts to plug someone who is out there making their dreams happen.


Dana said...

i am really enjoying the blog i am set up now to respond as i see fit personlly i loved skinny white chicks's comments really inspiring gotta go with your gut thru out life....follow your dream and not settle for less than you want out of it

Ax said...

These are, or at least should be, the comments referred to.