Friday, April 18, 2008

The Suicidal Ewe and Other Stories

I’m sick of summer all ready and we’ve had, what? three days of it? All I know is that if the humidity makes my hair curl any tighter, it may result in brain damage.
All right, got the bitchin’ out of the way. It’s a long entry today to catch up my pages count, so my apologies to those suffering through tales of farm life and college.
The blog, and all my writing projects, kind of got set aside this week. Tuesday I had a long school day, but I got through the last presentation I had to give as an undergrad. YEY! Wednesday I spent on a roof with Bruce (don’t even ask), and yesterday I had school again, came home, ate, sat down to read, and slept from 4 in the afternoon until about 6 when Dad called. Think I might be a little tired? Zip was mad at me. He’d been in the house for a couple three days and would have rather gone for a run than napped with me. But the raccoons in the trees outside kept him busy whining while I slept, so we both were happy(ish). Right now, he’s sleeping under my desk, waiting for me to make a move, so he can go crazy about getting to go to the farm and maybe (gasp) play with the b-a-l-l. Yes, I am one of the people who has to spell in front on my dogs. Even the deaf one. Its more selective deafness in Max’s case. He can still hear me cooking and the infamous phrase “wanna go?” Eighteen years old, and the Old Man Max still totters to the car whenever he can.
I felt like a hero yesterday. I went down to the farm before school and the mama ewe had tangled herself in bale twine so badly she couldn’t escape and I had to cut her loose. She’d been there awhile and was extremely stressed. The twine had cut into her skin from her struggles and she’d finally quite fighting. I had to help her up too, which is extremely weird since she usually runs from me as far and fast as she can get. Her two lambs were as upset as she was too, which made me feel bad. But last night Dad said they were all right.
This morning, the cows had broken into the hay barn. I think they finally staged a mutiny. But Zip saved my ass and helped me chase everyone out and kept the out while I fixed gates. He also kept the steers off me and helped chase the sheep and horses out of the barn after graining. I love having a dog that works, but also knows when to get out of the way.
Zip took off when I started messing with the sheep, which was good. I got the ewe and lambs in, but the lambs escaped the pen and now can’t find their way back. I got too mad at the stupidity of ovine’s (fancy name for sheep) to keep chasing the little wench around and left her to what she would. I’m not that bad of a person, she’s still with the other sheep and the cows and horses, and she can find her way back to mom’s pen if she really puts her mind to it. But it is too damn hot and humid to chase lambs around this morning.
So now I can get to work writing. I have a scene, or rather a series of scenes, that have been bugging me to fix them the last few days, but by 11 p.m. I’ve been too tired to know my own name. Gotta love Friday as a catch up day. Still got pages for poetry class and poems to write for poetry month, as well as studying for an anthropology quiz and exam, laundry, dishes, library books, and work on Taylor. Not to mention the lambs and ewe. Ought to keep me out of trouble this weekend. Oh, except for the sex toy party with Jamie, my best friend, tomorrow night. That might get interesting… J Things tend to stay interesting when Jamie and I get together. Things tend to get lost and puked on too, but that’s another story.
p.s. I have no idea why this thing makes the text one big block. I've messed with it six ways from Sunday. So, apologies. ~Ax~