Friday, May 9, 2008

If God had intended us not to masturbate he would've made our arms shorter. --George Carlin

Hey, I’m up north and my wireless still works! YEY! I wasn’t sure that it would and I didn’t plan on writing another entry this week, but my friends have gone to work and it just doesn’t feel right to start the day without an entry.

I made it up here all right last night. Felt good to drive and not go to Mount Pleasant. I have nothing against the place, but its not like it’s a great town to spend time in. And I’m still giving college the middle finger. I might like the place better when the finger joint curls up again.

Zip is having a great time with the other dogs here. Two black labs and they give him a run for his money. All three of them have a love affair with tennis balls, so it actually can get a little violent on occasion. I’m surprised that my momma’s boy dog usually comes out top dog. I never pegged him for a dominant. Currently, all three dogs have settled down after nearly tearing the house down playing this morning. The female lab is snoring, the male is passed out, and Zip is laying on my feet, making sure to growl menacingly should the other dogs get too near my bags. See? I raised a good son. ;-p

So I plan to spend the day doing tractor and equipment research for Taylor. She knows this shit, I don’t. And pick some brains when everyone gets home. If I knew what I needed to ask this would be so much easier.

I forgot to mention the other day that prior to The Computer Freeze, I’d managed to kill two MP3 players and we have our doubts as to whether the toaster will pull through or not as it remains very touch and go. (Kidding.)

So. Until Monday kids. And I promise I'll find someone else to quote next week.