Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ponies and Pages

One garden and a hundred pages later and I can finally take a minute to actually write something. I try for pages everyday, but yesterday I really got in the groove for editing Taylor one more time and did the whole damn thing over the course of the day. I had an epiphany (complete with light bulbs blinking and angels singing) about the editing process. Before, I’ve always had it in my head that “this is what I’m trying to do and this is what I will make this text do, so help me, if I have to beat my head to a bloody pulp against this damn brick wall I keep banging into!”

Well, needless to say, that may have not been the most effective strategy.

Instead, I put all that out of my head and approached the text from a reader’s perspective. See, I question things when I read and look for links and details and questions abound, like “what does he look like? What does she do?” and those questions usually are answered later on. So I tried to apply that logic to reading Taylor, instead of letting my “great master artist’s vision” get in my own way. I think it worked, to a point, and I only have one scene I need to add now. It’s a fight scene, not my favorite. I can do sex scenes all day, but violence… guess I just need to get over it. I’m just not a violent person and haven’t been in many violent situations. So it’s a stretch to write fight scenes.

There’s, of course, some details to check and recheck, but for the most part I have my first working manuscript. Start to finish I think it was about three months. And I wrote a lot of backstory and scenes that might make it into subsequent Taylor novels, but certainly not the first one.