Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Weather forecast for tonight: dark. --George Carlin

Got ten pages of Taylor edited yesterday. YEY! I can’t believe how slow edits are going. I’m only forty pages in too. That’s almost halfway, I guess. Its 97 pages, so only fifty-seven to go. (Groan.)

Finished Stanley Coren’s book How to Speak Dog this morning. Only been working at that for three months or so. That book actually inspired me to write Taylor. I became intrigued with the idea of a person with an innate ability to communicate with all manner of animals. So I suppose I have Mr. Coren to thank. Aside from my other reading, I’m continuing to read his work, embarking next on Why Does My Dog Act That Way?

I wrote down what I got done yesterday. I guess I could note my plans for today. See if I actually get anything done, lazy ass that I am. I need to get the rocks and steel posts picked up at the farm, walk the cattle fence in the thorn apples, do my workout, read 25 pages in my books, and get at least ten pages edited for Taylor. Reasonable goals I think. Laters.