Tuesday, June 3, 2008

“Compassionate Stupidity”

Dana and I are going to Laurell K. Hamilton’s book signing today. It’s the first book signing I’ve ever gone to, so I’m pretty excited. Not to mention that it’s for one of my favorite authors.

I got four pages yesterday. YEY! Taylor and I have been at odds over the second book. Well, technically it’s a short story so far, only 18,000 words. Originally, the second book began with a death, but I wanted Tay and this character to have some more time together on-screen, so I created this situation for them and, well, the third book crept in, but not all of it, so, yeah, things are a fucking mess now. But it’s been getting better. Except for the fact that Tay and Bryen fight all the time, which was not what I had in mind when I brought Bryen into the story. I thought he’d settle her down, but he’s really good at sticking his boot between his teeth.

Okay, that coffee can still take the skin off your tongue. Let that cool a little bit.

Dad and I had an interesting conversation about compassion last night and the stupidity that often accompanies it. It’s a universal understanding that my father is far more compassionate than I will ever be, through necessity I might add, not by choice, and that goes for both of us. But when does compassion, and the desire to help those you care about, whether they deserve it or not, become a liability, when does it become stupidity, instead of an advantage? I sure as hell don’t have the answer. But all in all we had a good talk and we got from being spun by troubles of our own makings to utilizing a little common sense. Let's hear it for compassionate stupidity!