Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Home again, flyin' again

Back home this afternoon, but only until Dana gets here and we can go off and work on the book. Finally, yey! I’ve got pages upon pages of notes and problems and since I’m a verbal learner, it works best for me to sort through issues out loud. And there are some issues to work through. Hopefully we can get it all wrangled in a marathon session between tonight and tomorrow.

Strange weather lately. Nice one day and raining and cool the next. Makes it difficult to get hay up. We got all ours up last week. 107 bales. We can load three wagons at a time, about 9,000 pounds apiece, so 27,000 pounds total. The B can haul it across country, but the hills (excuse me, hill – singular) in the back proved a bit much for the old man. I’m not sure why that tractor is male, but it is. Or at least, it’s a man’s tractor. Oh well, the dogs are women’s dogs so it’s even. (Sorry, inside joke).

Well, I better go get my shit around to meet with Dana. Meanwhile, I’m gonna jam out to Willa Ford’s “A Toast To Men” and other angry girl music. Let’s just say it’s onea those days. >-( Oh, and I broke down and created a myspace. Just FYI. We’ll see how that goes. Happy days.