Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happiness is a direction, not a place. (Sydney J. Harris)

Who? Oh well. Good thought for the day at least.

Well, for those who are interested, you can find me at

Yesterday we finally got hours in on the major overhaul for book one, right now called the red book for the sake of simplicity. Numbers and I don’t get along so one, two, three weren’t working for me. Colors are much more up my alley. Unfortunately for those among us who are color-blind. My grandpa never could tell if he had blue, brown, or black socks. Anyway, the overhauls are going well so far and today we’ll get into the meat of it. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a verbal person, but for some reason, even when I wrote college papers, it works better when the words can percolate through my brain and out of my mouth. Things just make more sense and become more solid for me. And the characters don’t mind. I think they all have vanity issues because they all seem inordinately pleased with themselves for having us holed up talking about them. Smug bastards.

I’m going to keep this entry brief so I can get to work on more important things. But I’ll leave y’all with a poem.

The Haying Song
Rain rain go away
quit raining on my fucking hay.

Five years of college education in Central’s creative writing program and that’s the best I got. Pathetic I know. But it’s still funny.