Thursday, July 3, 2008

"I'm happy for the failures that you're having right now, because it's these failures that will keep you strong forever."(Pardis Sabeti's inspiration)

My first blog from Gram’s kitchen table. We’ll how working from down here a few afternoons per week goes. Keep Gram company, make some meals, sell some fiction and poetry, what could be better? And in September I can calve my cows from here. Might as well move my desk and bed too huh? lol

I finished The Nick Adams Stories this morning. Really good book. Of course, it’s set in Michigan, what’s not to love?

I’m listening to the rock group Thousand Days right now. Their lead singer is a geneticist at Harvard! I saw her profile last night on PBS’s Nova Science Now and thought “what a role model for young women today?” Pardis Sabeti graduated summa cum laude from Harvard Medical School too, something only three other women had done. Check her out here and here.

Not much else to report. I better get back to work. We’re marketing the book today and I’m nearing the finish line on final edits for it. Happy thoughts, just think happy thoughts.


Rowenna Miller Hamper said...

Just got a quick catch-up on the blog...sorry to hear Pamela was such a bore. Maybe you could try French eighteenth century novels instead...after a semester of libertine fiction, I can assure that the characters, women in particular, are not boring. Vexing and a bit embarrassing sometimes, but not boring. I love Alice in Wonderland, though. It was either an enduring spirit of childhood or a lot of hallucinogens that inspired such a great story...or both. Cheers!