Monday, July 7, 2008


Holiday weekend and shit got away from me. Mostly, I stayed at home and grilled out with Dad and Bruce and wrote a lot. Started work on a screenplay (yeah, I know, everybody and their dog has one, it’s writing practice, okay?) and sketched out some short stories. I finished The Nick Adams Stories and Alice in Wonderland and started Gulliver’s Travels, among other assorted books for research on shamanism, magic, the astral world and all that. I figure if I don’t kill people I ought to at least have a decent magic system and my mythology facts oughta be right.

Got to ride horses on Sunday with Dad. One of our bonding things and it really makes the world make sense again.

I’ve been staring at the blank screen and reading a book on werewolves for the past fifteen minutes, listening to Alison Krauss. I really oughta just post this and get on with life.