Monday, July 14, 2008

You can talk about anything if you go about it the right way, which is never malicious (Rodney Carrington).

Started this blog entry over cause it was so goddamn bad and self-indulgent. That’s my word of the day: self-indulgent. Story behind this one. I read Diablo Cody’s Writer’s Digest interview and she called some of her language in the screenplay Juno self-indulgent. Well, I wasn’t sure how she meant, so I rented the movie and watched it twice, once regular and once with commentary. I understand that statement a little better now. Great movie, but in terms of dialogue, I think I see what she’s complaining about. It made me look at my own work and try to figure out where the sharp, sassy, hard-core parts go soft. Do they need to, does that show humanity? Or is it self-indulgent, whiney prose? See? This is why I look to all genres and all types of writers for tips and inspiration. I never would have thought up self-indulgent on my own.

It’s been a beautiful, perfect summer day out. I’ve spent most of it at my desk, cleaning up the book and working on the chapbook. Anyone need a chapbook of poetry / flahsfic combo? Didn’t think so. So I’m getting ready to go check my garden and the state of the farm. Maybe visit with Gram and a couplea beers. I still have research and picky edity shit to do tonight. Not to mention dinner and laundry. Dad says I always have his back. Some days I wonder who’s got mine, especially with the evils of never-ending housework.