Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cats, dogs, and literature

After so much death and destruction, it seems almost a false lull yesterday and today. I keep expecting something to go wrong. The bulls will probably rip the gates to the hay barn down and the cows will be in desperate need of water. If it wasn’t so hot today I’d go work at the farm and maybe ride Argo. He’s still in a funk over Iris. After the cow episode, that seems like weeks ago now. It seems that thinking about death, thinking about a person or animal going out of your life forever is worse than it actually happening. I get sad when I think about not seeing Iris’s floppy lip when I go out to the barn or when I think about never getting to have a beer on the porch with my grandpa. But thinking about the never agains is worse than the actual. I shouldn’t be in this type of mood today. Everything is going well, and I might get to go out for beers tonight. Maybe it’s a farmer’s cynicism, but there’s an air of something off today. Like waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Zip and Deja’s cat are an interesting pair. This morning, Zip laid on Shay’s head while Shay struggled with him. I think the cat liked it.

I’ve been reading 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Marquez. Interesting book, but I’m not too proud to resort to sparks notes. Also reading the complete poems of Lorca. I love the way he has with language. It seems so familiar somehow. Rural and beautiful yet elegant. As much as I love literature, all aspects of it, it still seems like I can’t quite absorb it all at once. Maybe that’s part of the allure.